Ubuntu Crontab Alternative

Crontab is one of the most powerful solution for arranging your tasks to run at background without any hassle but it doesn’t seem to be very human-friendly, syntactically I mean and it sometimes crashes without any additional warnings. Pauses or stops working, I had a live  example. When it became stalled all our task oriented emails couldn’t be sent off and we were, as team, spent...

Join Operation in Mongo Database

Hello followers, At this post I am sharing some controversial issue’s solution like how to make join in a NO-SQL database in Python.  Mongo at first versions was not supporting the join but with version 3.2 it started to support join queries. Again I am using PyMongo as our database connector and wrapper. At first you need to install PyMongo to your system. Also make sure Mongo engine is...

Python For Mongo: Free and Easy Setup Tutorial

Hello followers, PyMongo is one of the most popular and stable functioning Python wrapper for making anything with your MongoDB instance. At this blog post I am sharing some crucial methods to handle from its installations to basic commands and also prepared inline sections for most commonly mistakes made while using PyMongo. First open a terminal, paste & run commands below: Installing...

Python HTML Parser

Hello there, At this post I will be sharing some clues to parse HTML files without any tussle. First of all I see at the internet sources some deceptive usages of Beautiful-Soup, a Python parser. The correct or say most current usage is the one depicted below, I am meaning the import style, at the first line. What I want to accomplish in long term when building my blog is to  diminish the side...

Accepting Charges Globally with Stripe

Pythonic way of taking charges made easy with Stripe. Stripe is a globally known company for digital commerce. Other than Shopify and similar e-commerce solutions Stripe goes along with any custom site, great. Also there are WordPress plugins which uses Stripe as payment gateway. At this post I will be sharing very basic but subtle steps of creating charges via Stripe. At the documents of Stripe...

Python for PayPal: Refunds

Hello world, At this post I will be sharing the full and partial refunds via PayPal API using Python 3. I rather using Python 3 since it is more adaptive to new packages. As you may guess first you need to install PayPal Rest SDK. Vim sudo pip3 install paypalrestsdk 1 sudo pip3 install paypalrestsdk Now set sail to the code fragment below for partial refunds: Partial Refund with PayPal Python API...

Amazon SES: How to Send Email with Attachment

Hello world, At this post I will be sharing one of the most intimidating issues over time namely sending email with attachment through Amazon SES API with Python 3. This sample is an example for how to send email with attachment with your Amazon account using Boto3, a python wrapper for Amazon AWS. Amazon SES Email Sending with Attachment Python from email.mime.text import MIMEText from email...


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