Best Startups: Fiverr

Nowadays freelance web service are pretty much popular on the internet. You can find freelance and quality services for building your web site or Android application for less costs at all, through these platforms. At this post I will be investigating Fiverr, an Israeli startup firm where doers and clients meet up. If you choose to be a doer you can price your clients times of 5 dollars or for...


Starting an online busy is not an easy task but still, it is easier than starting a n actual business with in the real world (a business with a physical location). This is because the cost of starting a business online is a lot less than the cost of starting an actual business. Not only that but generally, it has less requirements as compared to starting an actual business. There is the issue of...


It is no news that the coming of the internet has greatly impacted the lives of a lot of people especially when it comes to the alleviation of poverty and the employment of individuals. The internet has proven to be a safe haven for a lot of people who either are not currently employed or who for one reason or another hate their jobs and decide to pursue something new. This is the reason why a...


F6S is the world’s largest accelerated aggregation online platform where founders, startups, and investors support each other for growth with programs, deals, funding, and jobs. With headquarters in London, England, F6S was founded by Sean Kane and Jon Bradford in 2011. The name F6S was derived from the shortening of the six letters between F and S in ‘’FOUNDERS”. The company facilitates...


WeTransfer is a mainly free and intuitive computer file transfer system founded by Bas Beerens and Nalden in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 2009. Evolving from the lack of effortless media for sharing particularly large files, the company is fast expanding with offices based in Netherlands and the United States, boasting current worldwide usage and recognition. The WeTransfer system is cloud-based...

How to Promote Your Twitter Account For Free

I really adore to write about a startup which really increases my quality of life or satisfy any kind of digital appetites. I would like to announce a new technology firm from England which promotes your Twitter account for free, without any scam posts, harassing retweets or aggressive following which either way we don’t much appreciate. It is called Twiends. I was utmost excited when a...


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