The iPhone 6 was Apple’s flagship for the year 2014 released alongside the iPhone 6 Plus. Apple made a change in its design for smartphones with the iPhone 6 and it also laid the foundation for the release of the iPhone 6s, which had the same design. It was made available in 16, 64 and 128 of built in storage and in colors of gold, silver and space gray. It is an extremely thin and light phone...

SAMSUNG Galaxy S8 Review

Introduction Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung’s flagship for the year 2017. This means that it comes peaked with hardware capabilities and a software tweaked to provide the best user experience. The S8’s chief and the most eye-catching feature is its design. It features a 5.8-inch screen with a 1440p display. Despite the huge screen size, the phone is still easy to hold. This is due to the ultra-thin...

Tomorrow of Internet of Things

Internet of things is a term that almost everybody has come across more than once may it be listening through a colleague, some advertisement post or a blog post. How small and easy this term seems when it is heard, but it contains a massive and overwhelming amount of information and spreads over a wide range of things. Internet of things is a phenomenon through which the phenomenon of a smart...


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