DHL API Track and Capability Handler

DHL has an API to make automatize the whole cargo process. I had an article about DHL Labeling utility. Well actually I found it to pull through here as an article series since DHL documentations are really complicated and long to read. The code below depict example tracking handling utility and request. The response is a long piece of XML. Python doc = minidom.parse("DHL/***.xml") doc...

Sending Parcels Through DHL API

At the time we in, 7th of August 2017, I already completed DHL API integration for a start-up company named Shippn to maximize correct and quick parcel sending at the software level.  At first glimpse it is a bit harsh to delve into tons of pages of DHL API but at the end I put the right pieces to the puzzle and my first hesitations on the works left its place to more satisfactory feelings. It...


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