Starting an online busy is not an easy task but still, it is easier than starting a n actual business with in the real world (a business with a physical location). This is because the cost of starting a business online is a lot less than the cost of starting an actual business. Not only that but generally, it has less requirements as compared to starting an actual business. There is the issue of not having to pay taxes especially at the beginning stages of the business, the fact that many a times, all you need to start the business is your laptop and an internet connection and the fact that you do not need a physical location like a house or room or piece of land (except in cases where you have to store goods or plant crops which you can still store in your house. When you factor in all this, you come to the realization that creating an online business is actually pretty simple. In the first part of this, we spoke about some businesses potential internet business startup ideas. This is a continuation. We will continue with more startup business ideas.

Starting a Cleaning Website

There are a lot of people who fall in to one of these two categories: either they hate to clean or they do not want to clean. There is a third category, of course, those who don’t just want to clean. But the silver lining behind this dark cloud is the fact that as people think of cleaning as stressful or time consuming, you think of it as a chance to make something for yourself. There are a lot of people who are willing to pay a cleaner for his or her services but do not have the time to even find one. Some don’t know where, some don’t know how to begin. Some cleaners on the other hand are willing to work but do not have a way of meeting with clients. You can be that middleman.

Creating a platform where clients in need of cleaners can connect and contact them is an idea that can turn out to be very profitable. The idea behind this is that you create a platform where cleaners create accounts and are contacted by clients to clean for them. In return for the services your website offers them, you charge a commission either on each successful transaction or a monthly subscription fee. Especially in the developed nations where time is actually money, a client won’t have any problem logging on to your website on his phone while taking a cup of coffee and placing an order for his or her yard to be cleaned or clothes to be washed or dry-cleaned. Of course, it can start as a cleaning company but can move from there to embody a section for nannies, cooks and other helpers. This is a very profitable business idea. It might require some little capital and a lot of work in the beginning but you can be certain that you will reap the fruits of your labor.

Teach People Cookery Online

You will be surprised how much people are willing to pay to learn how to cook. This is especially good for those who are excellent at cooking a vast variety of dishes. People who love cooking can create a business which teaches others how to cook some international dishes. It will involve a great deal of time recording and cooking but it is worth it if all you have to do to get paid is do what you love doing.

Even if you do not have experience in cooking a wide array of local and international dishes, you can still do this business by partnering or employing people you know are good. I am sure that the last time you visited that Asian friend of yours, she cooked some meal you knew very little about but which turned out to be amazing. Make cookery videos, cook food and make money – sounds like the dream job, doesn’t it? You will be surprise at how much you will make just for cooking food which you will later on eat.

Drop Shipping

This business idea is for those who wish to trade online in merchandise but do not have the capital to buy or design their merchandise. Drop shipping is a process where the store does not keep the merchandise it sells. Instead, it buys the product required by the buyer from a third party and then, sell ships the product directly to the customer. Here, the merchant who actually sells the product never sees or handles the merchandise. With drop shipping, you don’t have to worry about purchasing a product until you have been paid by the customer for a sale.

It is the ideal business to start if you have little capital. Also, you don’t have to worry about paying for and managing a website, as it doesn’t need any location except for where you sit to use your laptop. Overhead costs are very minimal as they include cost of a laptop if you don’t have one and internet connection costs. Also, because you don’t have to purchase any item beforehand, you actually are able to offer a wide array of products to potential customers. You can simply list an item stocked by your supplier for no additional cost. Generally, businesses which use drop shipping almost always do relatively well as opposed to traditional e-commerce businesses.

Online Talent Acquisition and Distribution

In the world today, there are a vast array of people with talent who either do not know how to use it or do not have a means of using it. At the same time, there are people who are so good at learning but do not know where and how to learn skills of interest to them. The coming of the internet has made it possible for such people to come together so as to work together and better their lives while earning you money in the process.

Talent acquisition, training and distribution can be a very profitable business to start. If you are a prolific pianist and you are thinking of training people on how to play the piano or some other instrument, it is relatively easy to do so. The first step is to create a platform or a forum where this can happen such as a website or an online classroom. The next step is to create a means through which fees/charges can be paid. Once that is done, you can have online video lessons you’re your clients and teach them how to learn the piano. Once they are satisfied with the results, they would of course recommend you to others. You grow rich, they are satisfied – everyone wins. However, it should be noted that to be successful, you will need to be very committed and hardworking and you will have to put in your best to satisfy a majority of your clients.

Again, these ideas are only ideas and will remain ideas until someone decides to make them a reality. Also, the success of your startup will depend in large part on how far you are willing to go to make sure you succeed. Hard work and determination are important and the key to a successful internet startup business. It is always said, “Nothing good comes easy”. So, take your time to plan and then, implement your plan with all you’ve got. You may fail, but at the same time, you may be surprised at how much and how fast you will succeed.

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