Want a Custom Cost-Effective Web Site?


Do you need a professional web site?

I have been building beautiful looking, professional web sites since 2013 at the market. It is my specialization. Both back-end and front-end development is merged into on a single person.

Straıght-forward ALL-ın one prıcıng

  • 3000 dollars/project
  • Only front-end: 1500 dollars/project, only back-end: 1500 dollars/project
  • 100 dollar per project per month the maintenance cost and SEO-works (continuous keyword monitoring, competitors analysis)
  • All your potential income (ads or sales) from the web site belongs to you
  • Companion until deploying to server, buying to domain names and setting up Google Adwords, Adsense, Analytics, Search Console Accounts
  • I don’t get paid until you say OK
  • I also code an admin panel for you.

technologıes used

  • As hosting I use Digital Ocean.
  • Front-end technologies are Angular.JS, JQuery and Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Back-end technology is highly scalable Node.JS
  • I use for domain-name-provider the GoDaddy.
  • I use load balancers to balance your future high-volume traffic.

WordPress sıte setup

  • At no cost
  • 100 dollar/project the maintenance cost

Please use the contact form to send in your query.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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Anil Bektas

Reader/Writer. Founder of Diary of Coders.

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Anil Bektas

Reader/Writer. Founder of Diary of Coders.

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