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The first-person shooter video game Doom was developed by id software studio which also incorporated a multi-player Deathmatch mode. In May 2016, Doom 4 was released for Microsoft windows, Xbox one and PlayStation 4 with id tech 6 engines. It was a reboot coming after Doom 3 since 2004 from the Doom franchise and is the title occupying the fourth place in the series.

The game was published by Bethesda Softworks and it returned with a modern shooter experience accompanied with a lot more brutal fun and interesting challenges.

The objectives for Doom 4 gamers can be described as taking the role of the lone unnamed marine to battle against fierce demonic forces unleashed through the massive Union Aerospace Corporation’s research facility. Different from the slow horror-like survival gameplay in Doom 3, the pace of Doom 4 returns to a faster and more engaging action mode similar to the first two modules.

Also, many new features have been integrated into the game including character upgrades, environment traversal, and new execution abilities known as ‘’glory kills’’. Certain Affinity and Escalation studios contributed in the respective development of an online multiplayer campaign section and ‘’SnapMap’’ the new level editor for the game.

The new key features introduced in Doom 4 can be discussed under the following highlights;

  • Relentless Campaign.

The need to stop and take cover for health regeneration has been minimized allowing relentless assault and beat back against the demon enemy hordes. This is achieved using Doom 4’s brand new arsenal upgraded with advanced and iconic guns, enhanced movement and the improved melee system to slash, stomp, knock down, blow apart and crush in brutally interesting ways.

  • Id Multiplayer come-back.

The return of a multiplayer component in Doom 4 makes it possible to dominate human challengers combatting with Doom’s signature fast paced arena style. Make use of personal skill, powerful weaponry, specific power ups, and movements to destroy enemies in both the classic and new game modes.

  • Endless Possibilities.

The Doom 4 SNAPMAP co-developed by Escalation studios, is a powerful game and level editor that is very easy to use. It presents on every platform the experience of endless or limitless gameplay. Any player can quite easily make use of the new feature to assemble and customize maps, add completely custom or predefined gameplays or even change game logics to produce new game modes without necessarily having previous experience or expertise. After creating suitable game modes, there is the bonus of being able to instantly play, share with friends or make it available for players across the globe to with just the push of a few buttons.
After first being announced in 2008 as Doom 4, the fourth title of this first-person shooter game, however, experienced a complicated development process comprised of numerous designs before it was launched again in 2011 and changed to Doom in 2014.

Upon release, the single player campaign, the gameplay, and graphics of Doom generally receiving plaudits and positive reviews for bringing back the spirit in the 90’s of vintage Doom first person shooters. The multiplayer mode instead attracted lots of critics although it featured as the second best-selling video game for some weeks in the UK and North America boasting sales of over 500,000 Pc copies in that period.

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