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Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is the sixth caption of the fascinating Civilization series which is a 4X, turn-based strategy computer game. Developed and designed by Firaxis Games, and Ed Beach, Civilization VI was published and distributed respectively by 2K Games and Take-Two Interactive.
It was released on the 21st of October 2016, for Microsoft Windows operating systems and premiered for OS X a few days later on the 24th. A Linux interface premiered on the 9th of February, 2017.
Similar to the previous five modules, the objective for the Civilization VI Gamer is to guide an emerging civilization from an early primitive settlement through numerous ages to attain world power status and accomplish one of the various requirements for victory such as technological superiority, diplomatic leadership or military power over the challengers controlled by the computer or humans. Players achieve all this by exploration, colonizing new cities, establishing improvements, researching advanced technologies and civics, training military to assault and defend against others, and setting up relations with other world powers.
At the forefront of Civilization VI development was the same team that produced the expansions of Civilization V. An explanation to it including lots of the gameplay dynamics released from the expansions within the original game. In the design of this game, crucial attention was directed towards avoiding to get the player to follow a predictable route of advancements towards their civilizations that they had remarked from the earlier game titles. In Civilization VI, more emphasis is placed on the territory by ‘’unstacking’’ improvements from the location known as the main city with bonuses given for applying improvements around certain areas. Some of the new features incorporated into Civilization VI include; the ability to research the technology tree of the game with respect to nearby territories, introduction of an almost identical cultural improvements technology tree and an improved government civics framework for players making use of a cultural course to victory, and new artificial intelligence pathways for computer controlled challengers including goals and random engagements kept secret to disrupt the stability of ongoing games.
Civilization VI has been completely rebuilt using a new engine unit to include the many features in the original game that required the acquisition of multiple expansions. These developed features span trade routes, archaeology, faith, espionage, travel and leisure, city-states and Great Works. Despite being rebuilt for the new engine unit, most of the Civilization VI features are based on Civilization V gameplay with some distinctive alterations and advancements.
A breakdown of the examples of Civilization VI engaging features and improvements can be represented as follows…


City Planning: Cities are ‘’unstacked’’ sprawling across the entire city radius. With only a few buildings made possible to be constructed in the city center, other buildings must be designed in Districts competing for space in tiles around the city with improvements and Wonders.
Technology: on technology advancements have been attached mini ‘’Eureka’’ objectives.
Civics: Civics act like a second technology tree.
Religion: Similar to Civilization V system.
Diplomacy: No world congress and Diplomatic victory.
Agendas: All leaders follow agendas characterizing behavior.
Agreements: Civics are used to unlock agreements.
Casus Belli: the Casus Belli system implies the attraction of less diplomatic penalty when having a cause to go to war.
Gossip: All delegations, traders, and spies can collect gossip.
Espionage: Though spies are not capable of stealing direct technology, they have been made to steal boosts for a technology even before the target civilization is researched.
Trade routes: Sending a delegation can boost external relations and can provide gossip.
Victory Conditions: Domination, Science, Cultural, Religious, and Score/Time.


Boosted by the so many unmentioned engaging advancements and features of Civilization VI, the game received tons of favorable reviews supported by it winning numerous awards such as Games Critics’ Awards 2016 for Best PC Game and Best Strategy Game.

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