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I really adore to write about a startup which really increases my quality of life or satisfy any kind of digital appetites. I would like to announce a new technology firm from England which promotes your Twitter account for free, without any scam posts, harassing retweets or aggressive following which either way we don’t much appreciate. It is called Twiends.

I was utmost excited when a start-up initiated or launched a new way of social media retention utility without any scamming. Easy to sign up, with using your Twitter account. No more tussles! Just use your Twitter to sign-up and look at the suggestions at first glimpse. These are the accounts which have higher count of followers or say popular. The system will automatically depict your Twitter profile to other users where you can gain followers totally genuine and legit.

How to promote Twıtter account on a nıche

First you need to enter your interests, just navigate to relating tabs of the interface or already the Twiends will recall you how to add interests. Take serious of what was suggested via your dashboard and don’t miss anything. You have 5 options to add up at this field. The more you add the more accurate the web site recommends you the people with the same or similar interests.

I want to chew bigger ones

If you want to increase one level more of your exposure, it is just 1 dollars per week to promote yourself sa featured. Don’t panic, you are already on the exposed array but with a buck addition, you can get more exposed to public and gain way more followers. The system is using Stripe as payment gateway which is trusts by thousands of customers.

I wish there was a way for the same processes for Instagram, may be you can offer me via comments section a new way to grow Instagram audience?

60 followers ın two hours

The rate for me was approximately 60 followers in two hours. The higher rates of gaining followers should be optimized or your account can get banned or cause a bit much more headache. I am sure you won’t go for other options like hiring others to follow you.  Some while ago, I had rented to others to follow me but I got nearly zero interaction. Think social media as a water bottle and you are diving into a desert with this limited amount of water. You can find an oasis of course but the more you go into the more you run out of water. The similar analogy is the same thing about your predisposition and tactical movements in the social media accounts. The more you make wrong movements the more you get demotivated and the more you get demotivated the more you put distance to Twitter or other social media accounts. So agreed, right? We aren’t hiring others to follow us due to low interaction rate.

At last word

I would like to send a big blast of thanks to Fiverr, a community of doers which led me find this startup matters.


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